Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Skating on Yellow Snow

Skating on thin ice and yellow snow. I had found these cute snowflake stickers on a sale table and thought. . I guess no one wants yellow snowflakes. They were like puffy paint and really nice fine detail. I had already decided to use the Cottage Cutz Skating Penguin Die again, so it all started to come together. I am known for going outside the box sometimes with colors. . .and the pale yellow snowflakes, black and white Penguin. . .well all it needed was that other bright color to complete the mix. I decided on shades of Teal. They went great with the pale yellow.

As you can see I used the pale yellow for the scarf, fur cuff on the boots and the shadow on the background, along with a wide white stripe on the base card. The swirls for cold air were done with sparkle and white gel pens. The bow on the card is white. Because there were several sizes and styles of snowflakes the cards all came out a little different.

I used the cards on packages for Christmas. I often use white glossy paper and let the card be the point of interest on the white paper. This time I tied the package in yellow ribbon, a few sprigs of white glittery floral and giant teal snowflakes. The penguin works so well for the bold contrast, all you need to do is add those bold colors against the black and white.
You can do traditional red and lime, orange and pink. . . .last year I did a series of mini ornaments on a 4 foot tree. . . with penguins trimmed in lime and traditional gold glitter. . .against the black and white. . . . for New Years. Don't always think . . light and dark of same colors.
That's it for now, my last chance to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.


CreatedbyKay said...

The sound of yellow snow makes me think one thing that I won't mention....but I like your yellow snowflakes with your penguins - they are very cute!

Shar said...

Hmm, can't imagine why yellow snowflakes wouldn't sell.... LOL Great use for them though and they look really nice with the teal! Love the skating penguin all decked out in blingy paper. Nice.

kramer_buffy said...

major LOL!!!! have to say that I would have bought yellow snowflakes if they were THAT cute!

-- dalis

Ruth Ellen said...

Love the colors!! This penguin is just so cute!!