Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Days till Christmas

This weeks project I used the Cottage Cutz Skating Penguin Die, I gave him a red scarf and lime ear muffs. Mounted him on the side of a 3 1/2" x 6" chalkboard panel. The Base panel is 6" x 8". Added mini tinsel garland around the chalkboard. Highlighted the penguin in black and white ink.

You know when you have an idea and have it all worked out in your mind and than you complete the project except for that last THING. Well this is one of the projects, completed it last week except for one thing. . Chalk. A good while ago I found this cool, self sticking chalkboard vinyl (had not yet used it) came in several colors by Wallies. . . I thought about the penguin skating on the black ice and being able to change the number each day and leading up to Christmas, added the wire handle so you could hang on a door or add magnets to the back and stick to the fridge. . . . well. . . I hadn't eaten chalk for years, so NO! I did not have any chalk in the house. I kept forgetting to pick some up.. so . . .today I did. . . went to take the pictures. . get the chalk out of the box . . . write a big bold ""10"" for ten days left to Christmas. . . . . . . . . . What happens. . .the chalk does NOT write on the chalkboard vinyl !!!!!!!!! I'm a guy, you know we don't read direction. I break down and read the instructions on the Wallies package. ""NO help '' (I knew reading the package would not be of use . . .that's why I did not!). So I am now going to cut out numbers with self sticking back to use and remove to change out.
By the way, Mr. Wallies and Mr. Crayola Chalkman do not seem to be compatible. . at this point.
Thanks and Merry Christmas !


Ruth Ellen said...

I love how it really looks like this adorable penguin is skating right onto the chalkboard!

Debbora said...

very very cute!

CreatedbyKay said...

Such a cute idea!

Shar said...

How cute is he! LOL