Friday, March 08, 2013

What is Beauty?

Hi, Vladka here and today I have something special for you - one beautiful quote.

We don't look just with our eyes, but also with our emotions, heart and with our mood and character. A lot of people look, but don't see and I'm really happy that I know a lot of people who can see with his/her heart. It would be really boring if we all see the same, don't you think?

Love is perfect lens or even third eye which gives us the opportunity to see more and to find beauty all around us and in a every ordinary thing. And so, is this quote really true:

I found this quote on internet, designed it in Word and printed on kraft cardstock. And then I needed something to made my card really special and Scrapping Cotage die Tweet Love was perfect for that.

And don´t forget, today is International Women's Day! Enjoy it!


Simko said...

Beautiful quote, Vladka and wonderful job in Word with the fonts. The Tweet Love die is perfect to accent this quote. Well done!

Frances said...

So pretty! Love die makes the card look so elegant. hugs, Frances.

Cheryl Walker said...

Beautiful card Vladka!!! I LOVE the quote and the LOVE !

Olena said...

WOW!!! So simple and very beautiful! Great job!

Lisa aka Raining said...

That looks gorgeous and what a clever idea!

Carol Hurlock said...

Just beautiful. I love how vintage this looks. Great use of that die.
Bear hugs,