Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Watch for it Wednesday #59 - Scrappin' on the Edge

Have you had an opportunity to try out any of the new Cottage Cutz Edgers yet?? There are so many different designs that there is definitely something for everyone!! But don't be fooled - these edgers are not just for cards and other smaller projects. For my tip today, I am going to show you how to take any of the new Cottage Cutz 7" Edgers and create a full 12" border.

First, choose your cardstock color and edger that you plan on using. For this demonstration, I have chosen to use the Cottage Cutz Daisy Edger, but you can use which ever you want. I trimmed my cardstock down to about 1" which gave me enough to fully cover the edger die.

Now, you are ready to start cutting. Line up the top of your piece of 12" cardstock with the top of the Edger and place it onto your die-cutting machine.

When are are ready to place your cutting mat down, be sure that the end of the cutting mat does NOT go all the way to the end of the edger die. This placement will prevent the very end of the edger die from cutting the design into the cardstock.

After your first roll through your die-cutting machine, you should have a cut piece that looks something like this picture. You can see that the end of the design just stops because by not having the cutting on top of the end of the edger die, you did not cut the end of the die.

Peel away the scrap paper from either side of the cut portion of your cardstock to reveal the design.

Here is a close up of what the middle of your cardstock piece should look like at this point:

Now, you want to carefully place the cut portion of the cardstock paper directly on top of the design parts of the edger die so that you have lined up the the die cut portion right on top of the actual die.

Lay these two pieces onto your die-cutting machine.

This time, when you are placing your cutting mat onto the die, you want to make sure not to cover the end where you have already cut the design out of the cardstock.

Once you have your cutting placed correctly, roll it all through your cutting machine. You will now end up with a complete 12" long piece of Daisy edge to use on your project.

Depending upon how you place your cardstock the second time through or the length of paper you are cutting, you may need to do to a little trimming to the second end to finish it off, but not necessarily.

I hope this tutorial will inspire to get out your edgers and start playing! And if you have been holding off getting them because you think they are just for cards, think again!! Now you have the skills to make any edge length you need!!
Come back on Friday and see the layout that I used this Daisy border!!


Donutfryer said...

Now that was cool how you made it into a 12 inch edger! Never thought you could do that. Thank you for showing us how to do that.
Loved it and yes I am going to try it today. Keep up the amazing hints.

CreatedbyKay said...

Great tip Ruth Ellen! These edgers are great - I'm lovin' them!

Helmka Family said...

Wish I had waited to do my layout until I saw this...sigh. Great tip!

Vicki said...

Great tip. I was thinking you could piece 2 borders together to make a 12" but doing it this way is easy. Thanks for sharing.