Monday, March 14, 2016

Lisbeth Butterfly Card

Hi Everyone, Jenny here to show you how to make this sparkly 3D butterfly card. It is a fast card to make so consider making a few.

Let’s get started!

Take a 4.25 x 5.5 piece of cardstock and use this for your base. I used purple, you can use any color. Just match your decorative elements to your selection. I did a fun spray background, you could skip this part to speed up your card making but it adds another layer of texture. Take a piece of white cardstock measuring 4 x 5.25. (I used watercolor paints to match my cardstock choices, pink and purple) Take an old tooth brush and load it with some inky paint. Run your nail down the bristles and spray some color on your paper. The spray is light but noticeable. That is why I used watercolor paints, it dries light. Since I didn’t use a lot of water, the paper did not warp. Set this paper aside to dry.

 While that layer dries, select a complementary paper color and cut a circle with the Circle Set. (Use the third circle from the outer edge) Then cut a white circle with the Stitched Circle Set. (Use the fourth one from the outer edge). I used a pink outer circle with a white inner stitched circle. Attach them together with your favorite adhesive. Set aside and pick two colors for your butterfly. I chose purple and pink. Cut a base butterfly using the solid butterfly from the Butterfly, Lisbeth set. Cut a detailed butterfly from your other choice of color (I added some extra sparkle to my detailed piece with a Wink of Stella pen. This again is optional.). Don’t forget to cut a body too.  Layer them together and add liquid glue along the center piece. Do not glue down the wings. That is where we will get our 3D effect. Add the body on top of the detailed layer as shown. When the body dries, take a pencil or dowel and curl the top layer of the wings around it. This will lift the wings and also show the sparkle details.

 To get the dimensional wording, I used fun foam. If you don’t have fun foam you can cut the wording out several times on white cardstock and glue them together to form the base and attach the top layer with your choice of color paper. I used fun foam and cut out the words, “Thinking of you” from CottageCutz Thinking of You set. I cut a set out of pink cardstock and added some Wink of Stella again, to add some sparkle and make it coordinate with the butterfly.

Now that the main piece is dry, take some coordinating washi tape and add some strips down the front of the card as shown. This adds more dimension without adding bulk. ( If you do not have washi tape tear some strips of decorative paper and attach. Use what you have on hand. If you want you can add ribbon, twine, or leave it blank)

 Assemble the components as shown in the picture. Attach the white painted cardstock to your base layer.  Layer the butterfly circle piece you created with dimensional squares to give more drama. Attach the “Thinking of you” embellishment with your liquid adhesive. Then you are finished. If you would like more “sparkle” as I did, add some colored sequence randomly around the card.



creative lady said...

Jenny, nice card, love the colors and all the dimension you added to your card.

Karen in PA said...

I really like your pretty, spring card.

Mary Marsh said...

this is pretty Jen and I love the butterfly image-great detail on this die

Janja said...

A beautiful combination of colors. Nice card.

Vladuška said...

I like dimensional wording and this is really nice card.

Unknown said...

Great card.. beatiful color

Unknown said...

Great card.. beatiful color

Anita Kejriwal said...

So well made . Thanks for sharing