Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Hello Sunshine

Hi! Janja here with you. For my post today I prepared a simple spring card made with a cute duck.

- CottageCutz dies: Daffodil Duck, Spring Grass, Stitched Wide Rectangle Frame Set
- blank card: 4.25 x 5.5" (10,8 x 14 cm), folded
- colored cardstock
- colored ink pads
- enamel dot
- glue, double-sided adhesive tape, self-adhesive foam pads

I cut duck and daffodil out of colored cardstock. I used different shades of Distress Inks to color the cutouts.

From white cardstock I cut a frame with the largest die from the set. The matching rectangle was cut from patterned paper.

I cut the grass 3 times. Then I printed "Hello Sunshine" on yellow paper and trimmed the strip.

Have a nice day.


Pam MacKay said...

Love that duck! Your card is so cute!

Sukie said...

Adorable card, loving that duck!

Mary Marsh said...

This little duck and daffodils are so sweet- love this card

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