Wednesday, March 15, 2017

CottageCutz Wildflowers

Hello, friends, and welcome to the Scrapping Cottage blog!  This is Beverly from Guneaux Designs, and I am so excited to be a guest designer today for the Scrapping Cottage.

I have for you a beautiful card featuring the CottageCutz Wildflowers 3 Die.  The card also features a Marbled and Ghost Stamping Technique.

Directions for creating the card:

Step 1.  Cut out the flowers from white card stock using the CottageCutz Wildflowers 3 Die.

Step 2.  Cut the largest rectangle from a piece of white card stock using the CottageCutz Double-Stitched Rectangle Set Dies.

Step 3.  Scrunch up a piece of saran wrap.

Step 4.  Put a drop or two of white (e.g., Frost White) All-Purpose Ink onto a non-stick craft sheet.

Step 5.  Dab the saran wrap repeatedly into the ink to ensure all of the saran wrap folds are covered with ink.

Step 6.  Transfer the ink by dabbing the inked saran wrap onto the CottageCutz double-stitched rectangle, leaving some white space.

Step 7.   After that dries, sponge on two or three different colors of distress ink (aqua and purple used for this card).

Step 8.  Choose a stencil of your liking and place it over the colored panel.

Step 9.  With a water spritzer, spritz three to four times a small amount of water onto the panel and over the stencil.

Step 10.  Remove the stencil right away and lay a dry piece of paper towel across the panel to remove excess water (no rubbing).

Step 11.  Watch a "ghost" of the stencil appear while allowing the panel to dry completely.

Step 12.  While that is drying, cut a 3-3/4" x 4-3/4" piece of white card stock.

Step 13.  Using a temporary adhesive to attach the back side of the piece of white card stock to a craft sheet or grid paper.

Step 14.  Lay the stencil (the one used in Steps 8 and 9) over this piece of white card stock and use temporary tape to attach it to your coloring surface.

Step 15.  Sponge the lightest ink used in Step 7 over the stencil and onto the paper.
Step 16.  Remove the stencil and let the ink dry.
Step 17.  Using the saran wrap and ink process, dab the white All-Purpose Ink onto the sponged card stock.  Let it dry and this is the result.

Step 18.  Select a piece of card stock that closely matches the lightest ink color used and cut out a rectangle frame using the two largest dies from the CottageCutz Double-Stitched Rectangle Set. This creates the following frame.
Step 19.  Turn over the frame and with an adhesive, attach the white wildflowers to the bottom of the frame.
Step 20.  Add a double layer of double-sided foam tape around the frame and where needed on the flowers.
Step 21.  Remove the paper from the tape and attach the frame to the rectangle completed in Step 11.

Step 22.  Attach the above frame to the panel created in Steps 12 - 17, and adhere to the card base.

Step 23.   Add a sentiment and embellishments as desired.

Cottage Cutz Dies Used:

Before you leave, check out the new CottageCutz Dies on the Scrapping Cottage.  I am sure you will find one or more dies that you must have in your crafting toolbox.    

Also, we love hearing from you, so leave us a comment on this or other projects!  Come back tomorrow to see the beautiful project that Pam MacKay will have for you!  Have a great day!


Mary Marsh said...

this I so pretty Bev-love the marbling technique and the ghosting is a great added feature-I have to try this out-you did a great job for your first post as a guest designer

Lois said...

I love that background -- thanks for the instructions. Such a pretty monochromatic card!

Pam MacKay said...

Wonderful card love the technique you used for the background!

Janja said...

Beautiful card! My first thought was, how did you do the background ... and now I know :). Thank you.

Anita Kejriwal said...

Beautiful card . You really explained it so well .

SugarShine Designs said...

Wow! Beautiful way to use the wildflower cut in a stunning way. You explained the marbeling and ghosting so well. Great job! -Janet

Anja Ž. said...

I really like your background and the colors you used.