Sunday, March 12, 2017

Baking in the Kitchen Tutorial Part 2

Hello Scrapping Cottage friends! Thanks for taking the time to stop and visit today. It's Mary Marsh here bringing you the Sunday edition of the Blog. This is the 2nd part of the post from yesterday. In that post I made recipe cards and decorated them with stamped images from the "Baking in the Kitchen" stamp & die combo.

For today's segment, I am featuring a mini file folder that will hold the recipe cards. I saw a video on YouTube for completing the inside of this folder. I didn't add all the layering and the 2nd pocket. Wanted mine a bit simpler  It's made with the Envelope Punch Board.

If you missed yesterday's post, here is the link to take a look.

So let's get started on today's tutorial.
Step 1.   I used black cardstock that was cut to 8 1/8" x 5" and using my scoring board, scored it at 4" and then 4 1/8". 

Step 2: Place cardstock on the Envelope Punch Board in portrait mode. The 5" side is against the board. The first punch is at 2 1/2". Then move it over to the opening where the score guide arrow is and punch. 

Step 3: To make this look like a file folder, I cut the section of cardstock to the right of my 2nd punch. You could put it in your trimmer but I had more control using my craft knife and a ruler. 

Step 4: Turn the cardstock 180° and repeat the above steps. Then I rounded the corners using the corner rounder that is on the back of the Envelope Punch Board. I now have what looks like a file folder.

Step 5: Since I used black cardstock as the base for the file folder I decided to use patterned paper to fancy up the front of the folder. The paper is cut to 3 7/8" x 4 7/8".
Now it's back to the Punch Board. Place the patterned paper on the Board with the 4 7/8" side against the Board and make the first punch at 2 3/8". Then move it over to the opening where the score guide arrow is and punch. Making sure the left corner is lined up in the opening. As in the photo from Step 2.
Place the paper in the back of the Board to round the corner as in Step 4. This is the cut piece and is ready to be adhered to the folder front.
Step 6: Now I am ready to move to the inside of the folder. This step will create a fold down flap for the recipe cards to sit inside. Cut a piece of cardstock 3 1/2" x 5 1/2". Place it on Score board on 5 1/2" side and score at 2 3/4".

Step 7: Back once again to the Punch Board. The 3 1/2" side should be against the Board. Line up the left corner to the score guide arrow and punch. Flip cardstock over and punch the opposite corner. Rotate cardstock 180° and punch the corners.

Step 8:  I wanted a patterned paper layering panel on the front flap. It is cut at 3 3/8" x 2 5/8". Punch the top corners and attach.

Cut another piece of cardstock at 3 7/8" x 4 7/8". This is another layering panel. This piece will get attached to the inside of the folder.  Place it on Punch Board with the 4 7/8" against the board and punch at 2 3/8". Slide cardstock over and punch the left corner. Then cut away the extra section and round the corner like we did in Step 3.

And, finally attach this panel and the flap to the inside file folder. I used double sided adhesive.

Step 9: The recipe cards get placed inside this flap. The top part of the flap opens so the recipe cards can easily be removed. They were about a 1/4" too long so I cut them on the opposite side of the stamped image. It was no problem at all. I just had to re-round the corner.
To keep the folder closed. I created a belly band. It's 11" long by 1" wide. I wrapped it around the folder and adhered in the back. Left it a bit loose so it could slide off the folder easily. On the front of the band, I added a stitched circle and another stamped image from the Baking in the Kitchen stamp & die set.
 Whew, I have finally come to the end of this post. Thanks for hanging in there with me. See you next week. Also, some of our new designers will be starting this week. So check back in all week to see what the DT has in the way of projects.


SugarShine Designs said...

Very clever way to give a great little recipe card away! Love it.

Janja said...

Special recipes in one place ... great idea, Mary. I love it. Thanks for the instructions.

Sukie said...

Fabulous project idea! The papers you used look gorgeous with the images! Thanks for the tutorial!

Bev Polen - Guneaux Designs said...

What a gorgeous mini file folder to hold all the lovely recipe cards, Mary! This is a great project!

Pam MacKay said...

You have inspired me to get out my envelope punch board! Your idea is just so clever love it!

Nancy said...

That is so clever, Mary! Thanks so much for the great tutorials; both today and yesterday! :o)

Anja Ž. said...

Great idea and tutorial. I'll definitly try this out on my punch board.

Lois said...

A great follow-up to your recipe card idea. This would make such a nice "new bride" gift!

Anita Kejriwal said...

So wonderful. I loved the whole concept.

Joanne said...

Wonderful tutorial. Great job Mary!!