Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Today's Watch for it Wednesday tip is pretty simple but very useful.
Have you ever gone to punch a hole in your layout and the punch just doesn't reach?
This happens to me all the time.
For example: I want to put some sparkly brads above my journaling, but the punch I have doesn't reach where I need my holes. I just grab a push pin and something to put underneath (fingers not recommended) that I can punch into.
Then simply make a hole for small brads or a several holes for a larger brad.

Then I can put my brads on my layout anywhere I want them.


Ruth Ellen said...

Cute layout and great tip!!

annb said...

I love your tip!!! Thank you and your layout is adorable too!!!

Rochelle said...

This is a great tip Kay! Thanks for sharing it! There are many times when I have "gone withhout" because I din't want to deal with a big hassle but you just made it easier for me! Thanks a million!