Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Birthday Badges

Happy Tuesday Cottagecutz fans. I hope you had a wonderful new year. I can’t believe how quickly Christmas went. What I do know is that come June I’ll be working on Christmas for next year.

Anyway it’s Wendy bringing you the blog today and I thought I’d use the Black Friday release to make some birthday badges. I think it’s really cute for youngsters to have a name badge at a birthday party. So this is how I made them

Firstly I cut out 3 of the ‘Nested Stiyched Scalloped Circles’ in a bronze brown colour. I have also cut out 3 of the ‘Stitched Rounded Rectangles’ as we’ll need these shortly

I use 38m broach bars to make my badges and secure wit a hot gun. I then use the small rectangle as cut above to extra secure the broach bar in place

Next I printed some names on this beautiful cream pearlescent card and cut out with the ‘Stitched Circle Set’

I wanted to add a little background to the badges so I cut out some green circles in the same size

Next I used the ‘Grass Slimelime’ to cut some hills from the circles

I then attached the grass to the bottom of the badges and they are a perfect fit

Next I added the names to the brown badges 

To finish off, I used some of the designs from the ‘Black Friday’ release, which I will list below and you have your badges

I really hope you like the badges as much as I did making them. 
Have a wonderful week and I will see you on Friday with another project

Dies I used:

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