Thursday, February 04, 2016

Cupcake Matching Memory Game

Hi everyone, Janja here. 
For my first post at Scrapping Cottage blog I decided to make a memory game.
We already played and it was a lot of fun; searching for pairs of small cupcakes.

I chose a die from the new CottageCutz Basics set - rounded square set. I cut 60 squares (20 white, 20 from patterned paper for backside and 20 colored for front sides, 2 for each color).
After cutting, it was time for gluing. 
On each white square I placed a patterned back paper and a colored front paper.
While I waited for glue to dry, I made 20 cupcakes. I cut them with die, stitched cupcakesin different colors as well. Of course it was important to make pairs of the same cupcakes. Finished cupcakes were attached to the front sides and our game is finished. 

After playing the game, I did not want to lose the squares so I made a custom box, using a ruler, scissors and a paper cutter. For the box cover I printed a sign in Word and attached a cupcake.

Dies used in making memory game:


I hope you enjoyed my company. 


moi said...

Janja, this game is so sweet. Very beautiful and accurately done.

Maja said...

Great job! This must be fun. And it's so much more worthy when you get home made game than the one from the store.

Tina Z. said...

Impressive! Great idea, this game is soooo sweet and I will made this with my kids too.

Vladuška said...

This so good idea and so creative what you did whit these dies. I love it, Janja.

Karen in PA said...

What a fun little game for a lucky little person! Very sweet and so creative!

Valerija said...

Great idea! Well done!

Cheryl Walker said...

Absolutely too sweet! What a wonderful idea hun! LOVE it and love how you used the dies! beautiful job!!