Monday, May 09, 2022

Framed Box Card

Hi everyone Happy Monday belated Mother’s Day to all the moms and dad moms.  I swear time seems to fly by so quickly these days I mean summer is almost here and with summer comes the summer heat and it isnt summer if its not filled with ice cream!
To make this framed card I drew a picture of a sort of window and cut it out.  You can leave it square or draw and sort of shape for the front.  The frame measures 5 x 5.5 with the sides at .5 You will need two of these one for the front and the other for the back.
2.  Next will make the sides for our shop.  Cut a strip of paper 4.5wx 3” h score each end .25 so you can adhere it to the frame of the box as seen below.  Decorate as desired. 

3. Now we will make the rows inside to be used as a sort of shelf.  We will add out diecut pieces to the strips
4.  You see I covered the strips with patterned paper this is an option.  You can leave it plain the choice is yours.
5. I used Candy & Gunballs, Build an Icecream Cone, Farm Fence slimline and Easel Sign w/Flowers to decorate my shop.
This completes my post and I hope everyone enjoyed it.  I just had some Jennys Gooey Buttercream  icecream myself 🥰
You can use glitter, enamel gel and more to dress up your cones.

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Pam MacKay said...

Very creative idea so cute too!

Mary Marsh said...

Love the fun fold - such cute die images