Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Galloping Birthday Card

Today I have a Birthday Card made from the Cottage Cutz Carousel Horse die. I wanted the horse to have a bit of motion so I used a Action Wobble under the horse.
As you can see I added the wobble to the back of the horse first. The action wobble spring has a clear plastic oval as the base on each side of the spring, each side is self sticking.. The pen lines are  showing you how I needed to cut the oval plastic on the horse side to fit. On the other side of the spring I cut the clear base conpletely off. There was no way that I could hide the oval clear base when it was attched to the card. I than used Glossy Accents on the spring to attach it to the card. The only thing that I needed to do when attaching without the clear base on the spring. . was to hold the horse level until it dryed. I know you are asking what are those . . .  blue dots. . . .well. . when using a wobble you want to get the most wobble for your wiggle. Ha! Ha!. . . The best way to do that is add some weight to the item that will be wiggling. I double the card stock on the horse/tail and added three stacks of three high card stock dots/weights. I used a normal hole punch for the dot weights. The double horse and the 9 dots added the additional weight needed.
The addition thing you need to do is cut the pole so there is no cardstock under the spring. this will prevent the horse from sitting level. Just cut a 3/4" area out of the pole and bring the poles back together under the horse after the horse has dryed.
Additional Cottage Cutz dies that I used on the card. Most of the card was highlighted in inks and Copic markers.

Thanks Barry


Lorie said...

There ya go using those Copics again!! I love your animated horse, Barry! That's brilliant, and I'm so glad you showed the steps. I would have never figured all that out! Very well done!!

Janice W. said...

I love this Barry! I love the way you used the ink dots for shading! Looks great!

Unknown said...

How fun! I've never seen an action wobble before - very cool and lovely card!