Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tou are invited

 You are invited this week for a party!. This weeks card is an invitation for a kids birthdat party. I used the Clown Game die from Cottage Cutz on the cover of the card. This die has the clown water game. The die can also be used without the balloon part of the die.
 On the inside of the card I created a box with an acetate window. I than filled the box with balloons. I trimmed the box with Balloons using the mini balloon dies from the birthday collection by Cottage Cutz, along with a lot of dots for confetti.
 This is a photo of the boxed open. The box was 2" x 3 3/4" x 1/2" with a a wacky random cut hole cut for the window.
 This view shows you how you need to add a spine to the card, in this case 1/2" . The card will be shaped like a book.
 I also used the clown die without the balloon top, lip hole and base from the die. This way you can use the die for a clown head only.  I added to a 2 1/2" scallop square and strapped to a 12" candy tube filled will Jelly Belly beans. You could have also filled the card box with jelly Belly bean. . not using the balloons.

All you need to do to attach the clown is add a strap on the back to bridge the tube. You than just slide it on. The tube was 1/2" round.  .so I made the bridge slightly smaller so it would fit snug and not slide off.

Its a cute way to sent a gift with an invite. When sending an invite. . add something that is related to the event inside the card.. . . The kids will love it. . . OK. . .  start blowing those balloons up.

Thanks Barry


Unknown said...

Wow Barry! What a great idea! Love how you added the balloons inside - and your treat holder is adorable!

Pearl said...

love the happy colors ! fabulous projects , Barry !!

CreatedbyKay (Kay Norman) said...

Such great ideas for a party! Love how you used the clown die!

Lorie said...

Cute and creative as always, Barry!! You're awesome, and you know it!!! LOVE your work!!!!

Lori said...

Super may have just inspired me for my five year old little boy. I can see so much work in your projects but it really paid off.

Barbara said...

I know someone who needs treat favors for their sons birthday and these are perfect. Wish I had known about them when I did my granddaugher's circus themed party last year.
Awesome, as always, Barry

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