Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Will Hoot for Loot

 Will Hoot for Loot. . . This weeks card is an adult Halloween card. Less fright night and less cotton candy. I wanted a card that was Halloween themed but decorative. The face edge of the card is cut randomly with a large flower style punch. Than a strip of green polka dot card stock down the center. I wanted a stark contrast of the owl against a bright color. I used the Cottage Cutz Stylized Owl die from last years but made a chance to his eyes. The back of the card card stock is peach, so when the card is closed . . peach shows around the lacy flowers.
 As you can see. . this owl has those sad puppy dog eyes that are beggin' for candy. Rather than make the complete owl in shades of orange. . I made the chest in white. . than I used a swirl style clear stamp, added a few swirls and used a sponge to add a dab of orange ink, than colored the vine in green Copic. Added Copic dots in green and orange, than micro black dots with a 03 Prismacolor pen. You can also see that I used the swirls several other places on the card, that way the card background matched the owl.
 Ok. . the saddddd eyes. . .I used the base circle from the die and cut the two white base eye. Than cut the same two base circles in peach . . stacked the two base peach eyes on top of each other and than cut them in half to make the eye lids. I know you are asking. . WHY did you cut two peach . . .why not cut one peach circle and cut it in half  for both eye lids. Well because I know I can't cut a circle that small exactly in half, so I just stack two and cut the best I can and I know that both eye lids will be perfectly the same even if they are not perfectly in half. The black portion of the eye is a standard hole punch with a third cut off and glued under the edge of the eye lids. The last part of the eye is the two micro dots off the die. Also notice the micro dots added to the sides of the eyes with the Prismacolor pen. If you glue the eyes on where the eye lids are straight. . he will not looks so sad. I cut the eye lids in a lighter color card stock than the head, than used Copic orange to bent the eye lids back into the head. This way they stood out. 

On this photo you will see the white circle under the owl . This is how you do the lettering with an arch (a templete of sorts ). Decide the space that you need around the owl. . in this case 3 1/2", cut a scrap paper and arrange the circle on the card with the owl in the center in the correct location where the owl will be (temp glue with runner). . . glue your letters above and below. Remove the circle than glue your owl down.

 I also used the Cottage Cutz new Alphabet die called Splish Splash. It is a 4" x 8" die with both upper case and lower case alphabets. . including numbers. The size alphabet was perfect for this card.
This is a another sample of the front of the owl. I cut the paper with the die, than stamped and colored before popping the shape out of the die. .

Thanks Barry


Lorie said...

Great card and techniques, Barry!! Definitely a "HOOT"!!!!!

Cheryl Walker said...

Awww I love your Owl and stamping :) Beautiful job!!!

Anonymous said...

Love that owl :-)

carousellady said...

Great card and I love the coloring of your owl.

Narda said...

Barry - as always AWESOME! card - I knew it was you before I saw who did it!

Narda said...
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Unknown said...

Your little owl has so much expression! Love how you added the doodle stamping. Really cute!

Angelica Suarez said...

This is so cool Barry! Thanks for the instructions on how you made it - so creative!!!

Lori said...

Love this card! The sentiment is so funny.

Lori said...

Love this card! The sentiment is so funny.