Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hoo, is checking his list?

Hoo, is checking his list. . all ready for Christmas? Santa Owl is! This weeks card was made from the Cottage Cutz Stylized Owl Die. This is one of my favorite dies because it can be used so many ways. Here I did a Santa Owl. . . .Naughty or Nice.
I did the owl in a deep red, added a belt (the buckle is from the Cottage Cutz Witch & Cauldron Die). Switched out the leaves for holly leaves (used an old punch). Added a few berries to the leaves with red card stock and clear Stickle. The Santa hat is from the Cottage Cutz Doll Accessories Set #3. I used a bright red for the hat. A really heavy coat of clear Stickles for the white on the Santa hat and the white square frame. (put a normal coat of Stickles, than come back after it has dried and add an additional coat. Otherwise it will take forever to dry and warp the paper really badly because of the moisture). I used a white ink pad to sponge a highlight of white on the red of the owl .

The Santa List was made on the computer at 8point font and printed at 90%. This seemed to be the correct size for him to hold and be readable. The card base was embossed with a holly print embossing folder. I used red ink to tint the berries on the green card and edged the green card with white ink.

And I said this die had a lot of uses, This guy is not finished yet but he does make a handsome Pirate. I switched the branch out for a bone, put a sword in his hand (cut by hand, sorry) and the best thing I added was his peg leg. Cut the foot in yellow and brown card stock, split the brown and add a peg from behind. I was going to use a toothpick for the peg and stain it brown with a Copic, but just went with the card stock. His patch I used a needle and thread to add the strings and stretched to a notch on the top and side of his head. The black owl was hightlighted in white ink with a sponge. I think I am going to ink a rustic treasure map for the background for this guy.
Remember there is a cute black top hat and scarf in the Cottage Cutz Doll Accessories #3 Die, Owl McScrooge sitting on a branch with gold coins (replacing leaves) may be making a visit!!!!


Beckie Williams said...

Very very cute....thanks for sharing.

Donutfryer said...

I never thought of using the Owl die in the fashion that you did! You are right the owl, your card was right on the money. Keep up with the creative ways to use the die's in a totally different ways.
Loved the!

Ruth Ellen said...

These are both so cute!! You are so out of the box today!! I love it!

Dragonlady said...

Oh this is sooo cute, love the little belt and the pirate owl.

Hugs Ali x

Shar said...

Oh my how clever! These dressed up owls are adorable.

CreatedbyKay said...

Cute ideas! I love the pirate owl especially! It made me smile.