Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Since tomorrow is Halloween, I thought a Happy Halloween card would be so appropriate for my post today :)

I just love this Pumpkin Trio Shape!! The stamped faces are soooooo cute.
I hope you liked my card today! I have to run because we have a weekend full of Halloweening ahead!!

Happy Halloween!!


Nikki Foraker said...

Awww CUTE!!! I made a VERY similar card the other day...GREAT MINDS! heheheheeh

☺ Nikki ☺

Shar said...

So cute, Ruth Ellen! This is one of my fave dies too. The faces are adorable.

Beckie Williams said...

So super cute have a great halooween!!

Lorie said...

This is adorable, Ruth Ellen! It's so bright and cheerful and looking at those cute pumpkin faces, one can't help but smile. Great card!!!

Janice W. said...

CUTE! I love the faces too!