Monday, April 02, 2018

Decorated Recipe Cards

Hi, Lois here today with something a little different.  CottageCutz has a fun series of breakfast item dies called Rise and Shine.   Instead of making a card using some of these die-cuts, I have created some decorated recipe cards.

Some time ago I bought a little kit for making a personalized recipe box.  Unfortunately, I never did anything with the kit; and it was still sitting in one of my craft cabinets.  When I saw the Rise and Shine dies, I thought I might be able to use them with part of the kit.  I pulled out three of the blank recipe cards and started there.

Looking through my recipes, I decided which ones could be used for this project.  I narrowed the choices down to Pumpkin Bread, Raised Donuts, and a Chocolate Cake.  I wrote the instructions out on the cards.

I then cut out the images from three of the Rise and Shine dies -- Homemade Bread, Coffee and Donuts, and Kitchen Chef.

Using various Copic markers, I colored the die-cuts and constructed the pieces.  I added a bit of clear glaze to the chocolate icing on the donuts.

All that was left was to adhere the various die-cut images onto the recipe cards.  

This was a really fun project.  At some point I may finish it!

CottageCutz dies used for these cards are:


Pam MacKay said...

Great idea the cards would make a wonderful gift too!!

Sukie said...

I absolutely love your recipe cards! I still use recipe cards and these are so fun!

Janja said...

This is just adorable. And so well done!

Sherry said...

Love your recipe cards. One year for Christmas I copied all of my family's favorite recipes that had been handed down from my grandmother and put them into binders for my oldest kids. I was surprised by how much they love that gift and even my son has cherished it. So this past month when I needed to add a few more recipes to update the book, I used recipe cards and decorated them with the new CottageCutz dies. Both of my kids have attached them to card stock and slide them into the sleeve protectors that I used for their books. They really love them. My son said I should redo the book and make them all like those ones. Well, that ain't happening LOL but I'll be using these dies when I add more recipes in the future. Really love how you did them. ~ Hugs, Sherry

Mary Marsh said...

cute idea and a different way to use these dies - hope you get the entire project finished

Jeanne said...

What a great idea! I agree with Pam - these would make a wonderful gift on their own or when you include the recipe with a food item you're giving to someone. So much nicer than a plain recipe card!

Anja Ž. said...

What a great idea! Love your cards! They look beautiful.

SugarShine Designs said...

Ditto on the great idea part! It’s nice to something besides a card once in a while. -Janet