Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Mr. Snuggles and Flower Pot

Hi, all. Vladka is here today. 
Spring is here and also April and funny weather. On Monday when I was creating this card, we had 10 minutes of sun, 5 minutes of rain and then also a little snow. Everything in one. It was really funny and I also had fun with this card. Do you still remember cute little Mr. Snuggles
I've combined this die with Bunny Stuck in Flower Pot and Thank you Expression die. Mr. Snuggles is peeking from the pot and wants to say thank you. Everything was colored with Distress Inks and I used my favorite kraft paper for this card. I hope you like it! 


Carol Hurlock said...

Super sweet card. Mr. Snuggles holds a special place in my heart. Love the little flower pot with him. So creative!
Bear Hugs,

Cheryl Walker said...

Awww love your card with Mr. Snuggles, he is absolutely darling and love how you paired him with the flower pot. Beautiful job!

Olena said...

Beautiful card!!!!

Linda S. said...

Another very cute card with your talent of paring different dies together for a completely new scene. You mentioned you used your favorite kraft paper again, but even after two e-mails to you, I still do not know what those papers are.
ls4at windstreamdotnet Thank you.

Vladuška said...

Linda, I´m so sorry if I didn't answer your emails, but I think I didn't get them. :( Because I always reply on all my emails. Maybe I get it in spam and I erased it. Sorry for that. Kraft paper is 100% recycling paper or recycling cardstock paper. You can get it in almost all craft stores. I buy my paper in local store.