Monday, February 09, 2015

CottagCutz Storage Ideas

Hello everyone, and welcome to CottageCutz Week of "Storage Idea's" for your CottageCutz Dies. Carol here with how I store my CottageCutz Dies. This next week the CottageCut Design Team Members will be sharing how they store their CottageCutz dies with all of you. Its always nice to get some idea's of storage for our crafting supplies, and we hope that you find some inspiration from our Design Team. They will each be posting on different days this week sharing idea's on how to store CottageCutz Dies!
My  Cottage Cutz die are stored in one of those huge boxes you can purchase at Michaels.  You can see that I have rubber bands around my groups of dies.  That's because I like to keep the collections together.  It's just me!!!  I keep all my original packaging as well.  Yes I do!  I've always been like this even as a kid.  I had collect Boyds Bears since 1997 and it took me just 4 years ago to get rid of all the boxes and original foam  I'm a stickler for keeping things like new.
 This is another  box I keep my dies in.  I use my CottageCutz die a lot so I keep them close to me in my work area. Christmas and Halloween dies are stored away until the next season.   I like to keep everything in their original package.  It's just me and the way I am.  I collected Boyds Bears since 1997 and just 5 years ago I got rid of all the original packaging for those.  I like to keep things like new.   Maybe I'll change this some other time.  But for now I like them this way.  I am a die-a-holic and require the 12 step program for my  I do use the magnetic pages and binding system for wafer thin dies, cut I like my CottageCutz with the original pictures so I can refer to them when piecing the die cut pieces together.

Well folks, that's all for me today.  Thanks for stopping by.  Happy Crafting!


Vladuška said...

I think it is a good idea to keep collections together.

Cheryl Walker said...

Love this. I too keep some of my collections together, and love keeping a basket or two of them close by for easy picking as well. Im just too lazy to mark the collections...hehehe well maybe not lazy, just would rather spend time doing something else :)

Eileen L. said...

Well I wouldnt know what to do with some of those little pieces if I didnt refer to the pictures that come with the dies lol....but I cant say Im organized yet....too many dies, can there really be too

Olena said...

Nice idea!!!!! Thank you!