Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Week of CottageCutz storage Idea's from Olena

Hello everyone, and welcome to 
"CottageCutz Week of Storage Idea's" 
for CottageCutz Dies.
Olena here today with my storage idea's for CottageCutz dies.
 This next week the CottageCutz Design Team Members will be sharing how they store their CottageCutz dies with all of you. 
Its always nice to get some idea's of storage for our crafting supplies, and we hope that you find some inspiration from our Design Team. 
They will each be posting on different days this week sharing idea's on how to store CottageCutz Dies!

 Hope you will stop by and take a peek. We hope you enjoy!

 The Black Photo box is my favorite storage for store my CottageCutz dies.

 In this box I put blue cardboard tab to divided the categories of die. If I have wedding dies, I keep in "Wedding" tab category, if I have dies with flowers i keep in "Flowers" tab.


All my small and medium metal dies I store in CD/DVD Envelopes.
  I use Tyvek CD/DVD Envelopes for store my metal dies, but you can used different brands on our market.
For Large dies I use Large DVD clear plastic sleeves.


 Hope you enjoy my post for today!
Thank you for joining us for another day of CottageCutz Storage Idea's!

Have a Wonderful Day! Olena


karen said...

Can you provide a link to the DVD sleeves by chance? I've not seen them anywhere. Thank you for sharing your ideas.

Vladuška said...

This is good idea. I like how you separate dies in different section. It is easier to find the right one. And CD sleeves also allows you to see the die.

Cheryl Walker said...

I love this Olena! I love the plastic sleeves, those look like they would be super nice to use.
Thank you for sharing, your awesome ideas with us!!!

JAVAGIRL said...


JAVAGIRL said...