Thursday, February 09, 2012

Hugs & Kisses

 Hugs and Kisses . . . This is my oldies but goodies week. We all have dies that we may have bought in the past and you look back at them and say. . .you know I really like that one . . so you look at all the options that you could use it for again. This week I used four Cottage Cutz dies from the past that I really like. The Mini Love Postage, The 4x4 Puppy with Valentine, Lacy Heart Doily and the Hugs & Kisses Phrase. The card is really also the envelope. As you can see from the first photo, I used the Cottage Cutz Mini Love Postage Stamp die a couple of times to create a swoop of design and color down the envelope to where I added the dangle. The HUGS , KISSES and XOXO came off the Cottage Cutz Phrase die. It is hard to tell but I used foam tape to layer the pink stamp three times . . building it up to the sparkle heart.  
 This photo is the envelope turned over and opened up to see the in with the Cottage Cutz Puppy with Valentine. Because of the cut line in the puppy die, I was able to raise the flap on the min pink envelope and the dogs ear with foam dots to add dimension to the pup. I know I should have raise one of the legs with a dot also. . .but . . . well it looked like he was about to wiz on something. . so I . .  left well enough alone. sorry. . .
 Here is how I scored the Cottage Cutz Lacy Heart Doily's to create the flaps on the envelope. I started with a 4 1/4" square card stock for the card, scored the hearts about a 1/3 of the corner (center bow to third leaf cluster). Glued them under on all four sides.
 Here is the envelope completely open from the front. You can see how the corners of the hearts glued down make a nice embossed look. That is why I used red on red. I highlighted the red hearts in white ink with a sponge. It looks kind-a like a pin wheel. You just have to score all the hearts the same first, than glue. . than you are sure that they will flippy fold and match on the open side of the envelope. I glued the hearts 1/2" from the corner on each side. You need the sharp corner to begin with to measure, than use a corner rounder to round the corners. 
This is a photo of the four hearts. . flippy folded closed. It will tend to dome a little when closed to begin with. . but just put a book on top of the card  (to iron out) for a while and it will flatted more.

Thanks and Happy ""V"" Day     Barry

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Cheryl Walker said...

Barry I LOVE LOVE LOVE your card with the heart die's and the closer on this! Beautiful job!!!