Friday, September 30, 2011

Silhouette Party

 It's Party Time!. . . yes . . really. This week I used Vinyl to add a little Halloween charm to this party setting.
 I started by using the Cottage Cutz Haunted House Silhouette 4x4 die to decorate a pillar jar candle. I cut the Haunted House and word EEK! from Black Vinyl. Than using the Cottage Cutz Loops 7" border die I cut two strips to wrap the candle jar. I added a strip of gold Class -a-Peels gold stickers and than the lavish jewels. 
 Using a pedestal style dish, I cut the border from the Cottage Cutz Spooky Frame with Owl 4x4 die. Using the same black vinyl. I cut two oval frames and cut them apart and ran the frame around the dish. The really cool thing about using the dies for this type of craft. . is that it is a temporary way to take clear dishes and add a seasonal touch. When the party is over. . .pull the vinyl back off and . . on to a new seasonal design. Just be sure to wash and rinse the glassware and be carefull not to get any oil from your fingers on the glass. It will create issue with sticking the the vinyl properly.
 As you can see the frame was deigned so it could be cut apart and chained together. The cuts are at the top right and the border at the base is using all four pieces. You can also use the pumpkin that cam with the die to add between the lacy strips. This really is a Build-a-Border die. I flipped the sides to connect to the spider (top of frame) and added the bat (bottom of the frame) at the end.. . than you can start back up with the sides to continue the border as long as you need it for your project.
 The three Cottage Cutz dies that were used for this project were. .
Haunted House Silouette 4x4
Spooky Frame with Owl 4x4
Loops Edger 7" Border
I also had to cut a few bats to fly around the drink cups. O' and the chips I hand painted with food coloring to match the party. Ha! Ha! (not really. . they are Terra Exotic Harvest & Sea Salt Chips) You can find them in the Tree Bark section of the your local Supermarket. Blue Potatoes, Kabocha & Carrots chips. The package did say it was both a treat for the palate and the eyes! . . . No Trans Fat and No Taste (package didn't say NO Taste). .  but you must admit. . it really, really looked cool on the table.

Happy Halloween Party. . . Barry
ps. . .do you know what Kabocha is ?
Kabocha, a Squash. . .also known as Japanese Pumpkin, is popular
for its strong, yet sweet flavor similar to butternut squash. 
Naturally delicious and never, ever ordinary! 


Cheryl Walker said...

LOve the Halloween decorations made using the AWESOME Halloween cottage cutz and frame :)


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Janice W. said...

I love your decorations, especially the candle!!

Pearl said...

wow ! awesome ideas you've shared here , Barry !! love 'em all !

Lorie said...

Barry, you're awesome, and that's all I have to say about THAT!!!