Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Filigree Sugar Egg

 Ok. . Yes. . you throw all the Cottage Cutz Easter Dies up into the air. . and the first two to hit you on your head . . . .you have to combine.   Ha! Ha!

Here I combined the Cottage Cutz Filigree Egg and The Sugar Egg Die. I used the Doodlebug Sugared card stock (really nice light sugar glitter paper) as the backing.

 I cut the light blue card stock with the Filigree Egg Die (polk-a all the confetti out), than placed it on the Sugar Egg die (on the base egg side), the key here is to tape the egg down slightly. It's the only way you can keep it centered  and be sure it will be even . . .until it has been cut.
 Poooo-ff ! You have a Filigree Window Sugar Egg!!!! 
Cut the base sugar egg from the suger paper, and the two Frames in a medium blue card stock . . all from the Sugar Egg Die. (in this case I also cut a second small frame for the center tulip panel)

That's a quick extra for today. . .Thank's . . . Barry


Lorie said...

Very clever, Barry! Sooooo pretty!!

Ruth Ellen said...

Great project!!!

Shar said...

Love your projects, Barry. So sweet and you're always so clever!

Anonymous said...

wow, all of the Easter projects are just fabulous..