Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter Blessings

 Easter Blessings . . .This weeks card is made with the Cottage Cutz Sugar Egg Die. I kinda made a double card, It is a traditional horizontal card but the egg also opens up as a second card. I took a simple rope punch and double cut to get a trellis style edge and added the flowers from the egg die. The leafy base of the flowers has a slight curve for the egg so I greated a garland by waving the leafy base down the trellis and than added the flowers. That gives you another use for the flowers from the top of the egg.
 I used the pattern from the die which is the basic body of the egg to create a mini card. I folded my card stock (in this case I used pale green to stand out) as a card. I used the base egg pattern that I had cut to trace the egg onto the mini card. As you can see with the lower card, I put my pattern slightly over the edge so there was a fold left in the card. You really will never see it because you will still create the complete egg and attachto the base card. The yellow edge card I did not cut the center from the center of the egg card. I just put the stamped design I colored directly on top of the egg card and placed the finished egg over top. On the pink edged egg card I cut the center out of the base card and attached the stamped design inside the card and put an oval frame around it. This created a window in the egg . . so when you opened the card the stamped design would be inside the card.  

On my card I used foam dots to raise the egg off the base card so the stamped design would have a bit of depth without the window style.
Check out the Filigree Sugar Egg . . .coming up Next    Barry


Lorie said...

Absolutely stunning, Barry! I love the idea of using the flower topper as a garland. Brilliant!!!!!

Ruth Ellen said...

Very pretty!