Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Trick or Bone, The devil made me do it!

What kind of TREAT does ever Dog want. . even at Halloween? . . . .a BONE. This week I decided to create a shadowbox for Halloween.

The first die that I used was the Cottage Cutz Puppy front and back Die. I left the flower out of his mouth and added a treat bag with TREAT or BONE replacing the traditional Trick or Treat. ( I used my Dymo LetraTag Maker with white paper on very small size for the lettering). I cut the tail twice . . once in red to give him a red tail and added a hand cut arrow. Than cut his forehead in red, added two horns, and added part of the scarf from the die in red. The Dog was made in rust color card stock, highlighted in white and orange ColorBox ink.
The tree was made using the Cottage Cutz Spooky Tree Die. To get the tree to be more dimensional (reason for the box). . .I cut two trees, used a white glue (Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive) to glue the two trees together, but working fast. . . . lay the two trees directly on top of each other. . but slide each branch a bit to create waves or bents. This way when the glue dies it will dry curved and wavy. I know the picture does not show it very well but the tree is about a 1/2" thick (wavy). I generally don't say to much about glues, it is everyone own thing, but years ago a professional artist who does origami told me about Scotch Quick-Dry Glue (Red/Purple Label). He said that it was great for paper, dyes quick and strong. He said he didn't have to hold his folds as long before they dried. I love it (Acid Free/Photo safe). Comes in a 4oz bottle or carded 2oz. bottle. Available wherever Scotch products are sold (Did that just sound like a commercial?)

Opps. . . I think I have the photos backwards now, but will start with the box which is 4"x5" on the outside with a 3"x4" window and 1/2" thick. There is an additional piece of paper that slides into the box with a wacky shape window. I used foam core board to create the 1/4" lift to the center window. (above shows the foam core stripes on the back of the wacky window. Build your box (do not seal one end) Add a yellow moon using card stock and Crystal Stickle, Than glue the tree to the (front) center wacky window attaching at base of tree and one side branch. Add Glue to the foam core board and slide into the box. Seal the end of the box. You now have your shadow box with tree and moon. The treat bag was made with a 5/8" x 3/4" rectangle and a 1/2" and 5/8" circle punch (cut small than large)

Add the Dog to the front of the box. I used polka dot orange card stock for the box, so all I did was add jewels and Stickle here and there. You can attach a card to the back. . if you want it to be a shadowbox card. O' Forgot. . add a bit of stickle to the tree for moon glo. . . .Thanks B


Ruth Ellen said...

I love the Trick or Bone!! Sooooooooo cute!!

Shar said...

Cute as can be! You're so creative!

Janice W. said...

I love that spooky tree and the scene you have created! Great card!

Vicki said...

That is so creative. Awesome project!

Lorie said...

This is just beyond adorable! What a cute scene and great tutorial!! AWESOME!!!