Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Din.n.n.ner is ready, come on in

Dinner is ready, come on in. . . .This weeks card is using the Cottage Cutz Witch with Cauldron. I made a shadow box style card that folds flat. The front of the card was cut with a arch shape. I cut random pieces of silver card stock and played with them a while with scissors. . rounding the corners. . doing the stone shape. weathered the stones with a sponge using black and white ink, and a few crack lines with a white gel pen.
I wanted spiders and webs, so I used a needle and thread and sewed back and forth between the stones and added a few spiders. I added a spider to the end of the thread and let him dangle over the pot. I wanted the witch to be in her most stylish wart-mart dress, so I used a white gel pen and added a few curls and swirls.

I know it is hard to show, but the edges of the card are cut with a wide cut deckle scissors from Fiskars. Crafting Edger scissors are a little (lot) out of fashion, but I still use them . . particularly the deckle style. As you can see with the photo above the bottom cut is the full deckle, in this case I wanted to keep the card shape still straight at the edge, but have a random odd cut design. . Notice the top cut, I only cut half way up the paper. It's almost like something chewed on it a little.

Here is the box shape from the top. There is two sheets of black card stock 7" high x 7 1/2" wide . Score twice on each side of the card stock at 1/2" each. This allows you to fold and have tabs on the side of the card to glue together. When you want to fold flat, just pull the end tabs and the card will go flat. Push the tabs back inward and the card will fold back to a box. I used the deckle scissors on both the top of the card and the side tabs. The face of the card is 5" x 7" when finished, the window is cut about 4 " x 5 1/2", when you add the stones and glue them with an overlap the hole is about 3 1/2" x 5'. The card is 1" thick when open.


Donutfryer said...

That is such a cute card! Really liked the dangling spider :)

Court said...


Shar said...

Oh how fun is this! Your projects are always so creative!

Ruth Ellen said...

Really fun card, today!! I just love this Cottage Cutz Witch!!

Lorie said...

Caaah-uuute!! As Shar said, your projects are always so creative! I love all the texture you add to your work! It's fantastic, and so much fun!!