Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Watch for it Wednesday #63 School's out for Summer!

It's that time of the year....again...when the kiddies are getting out of school.
Ours here in Utah got out last week.
One of my favorite layouts to do each year is the end of the year interview.
I usually get a picture of them on the last day of school, if they're in elementary school I get a picture of the party or autograph book they made.
If it's junior high or high school I get a picture with their yearbook.
I ask the following questions:
Who was your favorite teacher?
What was your favorite subject?
Who were your best friends this school year?
Who was your least favorite teacher?
Worst memory
Best memory etc.
You get the idea. It's fun for them to look back and see the changes they've made.
I think the most interesting thing I have found with my kids is that their favorite teacher is also their favorite class that year. What a difference a great teacher can make in the lives of our children.
As it says in my daughters yearbook H.A.G.S.
(Have a great summer)


Ruth Ellen said...

OMGosh my daughter's yearbook is full og "HAGS", too!! And these are just 1st graders! Great project idea, Kay!

Helmka Family said...

I did this last year with Kaden with his school photo. Such a great idea!