Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Things are getting a little "STICKY" around here.....
Today I wanted to talk about adhesives. I'm always asked "what is your favorite kind of adhesive?" My answer is that there is no one adhesive that is great for everything.
These are the adhesives I like the best and why:
Scotch ATG714 - This is a big adhesive gun but you know what? It's easy to use and I love how it applies adhesive quickly and easy and hold larger rolls of adhesive. You can get regular or acid-free refills.
I use this for adhering my photos to cardstock and all of my bigger jobs.
The Glue Glider Pro is very similar, but came out after I bought my Scotch ATG. This gun is cheaper but the refills are a bit more expensive.
The next adhesive is my Hermafix dispensers. One is the square tabs and the other is tiny dots. These are great for adhering the medium to small items that the ATG is too big for. I also like to cut the squares and apply them to larger letters etc.
Then there is Glue Dots - these are great for buttons, flowers, ribbons, gems and trinkets. They stick super well and are tiny enough for all your little objects.
The last two are the Tombow Mono Adhesives. The purple label is great for metal objects. I use this on the back side of ribbon, metallic cardstock and findings.
The blue label is a life-saver for my diecuts. It has two tips and I always use the small tip as pictured below. This is great for applying diecut letters & putting diecuts together. I use this glue every time I scrap and wouldn't ever want to be without it. It dries clear and lasts for a long time. The only time I ever have problems with this clogging is if I've left the cap off for a long time. If this happens I simply stick a pin down there and it clears out quickly.

Close up of Tombow Mono Adhesive and Glue Dots.
The adhesives I've shown above are very similar to other products on the market, these just happen to be the ones I've used and like the best. I take ease of use and cost when I consider an adhesive. I don't recommend glue sticks because they lose their stickiness after a few years and then your projects start falling apart. I avoid them completely from experience.


A Rup Life said...

I am debating getting the ATG... right now I use Mono-runner and Ad-tech runners.. but I run out so fast!

Ruth Ellen said...

I LOVE my ATG gun!!!!!! I never thought I would like something that seemed so big but it is SO EASY to use!!! And I love how long the refills last. It will definitely pay for itself over time for sure! I like your red one Kay! Mine is yellow :)

CreatedbyKay said...

The yellow ATG gun's tape is wider than the red ATG gun - I think that is the only difference. I have used both and love the thinner tape.

MsJay said...

I want one of those ATG's. I didn't see them at Michaels. I have to have it. LOL!

scrappin_mom3 said...

I think I'm putting the ATG gun on the Christmas list!! Gotta have one of those babies....I do love my Ad-tech runner, but I too go through them too quickly!

Kristyn said...

I've been looking around for the cheapest ATG gun and I found a couple around $42. I've always heard great things about it. I'm also looking into the Glue Glider Pro as it's cheaper but I'm not sure it holds as much. I know I've already spend at least $30 on little runners but at $4 refills they sure don't last long :(

Rochelle said...

Thanks for all of the great advice about glue and sticky stuff! It is really helpful to know which ones work well! :O)