Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Ink Chart

I created this ink chart a few years ago and I am amazed at how often I reach for this.
I have one for all my inks, but today I'm just going to show you the one for my Distress Inks.
I simply type up a list of the colors I have (or plan on getting) and then stamp the color right next to it's name for easy reference. I do a lot of shading on my patterned papers and diecuts and like to match the color as close as I can.
I just place the ink chart up to my paper and see what color or colors match the best.
I have found that the color on the pad or the top of the box isn't always an accurate match to the actual stamped color.

I also like to label my distress inks so I can easily see what color I'm reaching for. I always store them upside down too to keep the ink at the surface.


Nilda Rockenbach said...

I love that, thanks for sharing. How do you store them. ?

lifesabeach32940 said...

This is a great tip, and I am defintely going to use it. I struggle with what color ink to use to shade my pieces (especially plain cardstock used to create Quickutz shapes). Since I'm a visual person, hopefully this will help. :)

What did you use to stamp your example on your chart? I love how organized and consistent it looks.


Penny said...

Wicked great ideas!!!

CreatedbyKay said...

Nilda, I store my ink pads in those Sterilite drawers, you can see one in the background in the last picture.

lifesabeach32940 - I used a Hero Arts sqaure stamp. Any small solid stamp should work.

Ruth Ellen said...

Ooooooo I love this idea!!! And you are so right about the color not being the same as what you see on the top! I can't wait to do this with all of my stamp pads!! Thanks, Kay!

Ali said...

Thank goodness I am not the only one who created an ink chart! I thought others would think I was crazy if they found out! ;)

I also keep a list on my iPod of all the ink colors that I have so that I can refer to them when I'm shopping for more. I often forget what colors I've already purchased, so this list helps me from not buying dups!

ellepaulette said...

I also have my labels on the sides of my ink pads. I love it! It really does help me find the right color.

Anonymous said...

Very helpful! I have all of those TH distressed inks and I will no longer be guessing on which color to use! I also like how you labeled them and store them upside down. Thanks for sharing!