Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Watch for it Wednesday #22!

Stamping with Bleach

A friend of mine showed me an awesome stamping
technique and I wanted to pass it on to all of you!!!
I first poured a little bleach onto a folded paper towel.
I used the paper towel as if it were an ink pad and "inked"
the stamp. I then stamped the paper towel just a little to
get the excess bleach off of the stamp (so it wasn't too wet).
After that, I stamped the image onto a piece of cardstock.
I used a heating tool to dry the bleach but you can also
choose to let it air dry. Stamp as few or as many times as you like.

The end result is a unique, "one of a kind" piece of cardstock
that you can embellish any way you like! So easy and so much fun!


Ruth Ellen said...

What a fun new trick to try out!! Thanks Rochelle!! Your card turned out really cute!

annb said...

What a clever idea!!! I will have to try it!!!