Friday, August 28, 2009

Fall is in the Air

I know it is still August and not a single leaf has
fallen from any tree but there is a definite sense
that it is almost fall.
Children are going back to school,
Department stores are filled with long-sleeved shirts,
There is a brisk, quiet breeze,
and a feeling of excited anticipation for a welcome change.

I love the fact I love every season. I am
always ready for the next glorious season to arrive.

Not only do I derive great pleasure from God's beautiful
transformation, I am also overjoyed by the realization that
with each delightful month that passes, there will be a new
CottageCutz release!!!

I wait in excited expectancy for the incredible
fall release that will shortly be upon us!


Ruth Ellen said...

Cute layout, but can you send that cool breeze my way!!

annb said...

Great layout!!!! I love the leaves and the straw.

Treva said...

Cute LO, tfs.

Norine said...

this is the cutest LO love it