Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Today I'm going to show you a great tip on placing small letters on your cards or layouts.
I used the new Quickutz Chicken Noodle Alphabet, it's great to have all the alphabet on one 4x4 die but trying to place these tiny letters can be challenging. I place my letters where I want them and then I take a piece of removable Scotch tape and place it over the first line of my letters.

Once they're stuck to the tape I lift it off and put my glue in tiny dots on my letters.

I then take the tape and place the letters where I want them and gently peel the tape away as I hold by letters down exactly where I want them.

Then I do the next lines and Walla! The letters are all placed exactly where I want them!
Because I'm frugal I save my tape strips and use them over again, I just stick the strip to something in my work area.

Ever since I learned this tip it has saved me lots of time and frustration with my diecut letters.

For my Pool Party invite I used the Quickutz Chicken Noodle 4x4 die, the CottageCutz Playpool and the grass off the CottageCutz Picnic Table die.
Have a great Wednesday everyone!


lifesabeach32940 said...

GEESH! I learn something new everyday. I've heard of that tip, but the "light bulb lit" when I read your tutorial. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! I LOVE this blog!! ~ Judy

Karen said...

Cool idea, Kay. I have never used repositionable scotch tape. I think I will try it. Good idea!
Thanks, Karen

Lorry said...

Awesome tip! tfs!!

Donutfryer said...

I am sure glad of the Wednesday's tips. I really learn from them.
Thankyou for teaching me these little unknown ideas!

Ruth Ellen said...

Cool tip, Kay!! Super simple and super handy - the best kind!! Love your card, too!! The June Cottage Cutz dies are really fabulous!!

Nilda Rockenbach said...

thank you for posting this tip... I use it with all die cut letters.,, works perfectly every time.... also posted about this tutorial on sure some will appreciate the pics of the process.

Rochelle said...

Oh my goodness.....this is wonderful! Sometimes I avoid buying the really small alphabets because I don't like to deal with the hassle of trying to get them straight, etc! Never again! Thanks for the amazing tip Kay! :O)

Masked Marauder said...

I saw this tip when Nilda posted it to the Cricut MB...thank you so much for showing this. I was really starting to hate my font cartridges but this might could make me fall in love with them all over again.

Berlynda Phillips said...

OMG Nilda this is the bomb! I can shorten the time it takes me to put the glue on while trying not to get any all over the place. Thanks!

Beverly S. said...

Great tip, Kay. Will have to try it. I've always just used a glue pen and a pair of tweezers. :)