Monday, April 13, 2009

So Beary Cute!

This week I chose to work with the adorable CottageCutz Bear. He is so dang cute and so versatile for all those different cards and projects you want to do.
He's perfect for all those fun bear sayings and sentiments you've heard through the years.

He is so quick and easy to put together too! He has 6 pieces: the body, head, muzzle, nose and eyes all on 3x3 die. So whether you need a manly card, or something for a special friend this bear is perfect!


annb said...

Very Cute Cards. The Bear is adorable.

Rochelle said...

Adorable Kay!! I love the bear too....he is so versatile and sooo adorable! Great job showing him off!! :O)

Ruth Ellen said...

I love all the different cards! You did a great job showing all the possibilities with this cute bear!!

Natasha said...

These are all so cute Kay- Great Job :-) I love dies that look gorgeous and are not very time consuming.

Beverly S. said...

Love all you did the CottageCutz
bear....that die looks like fun to