Monday, April 27, 2009

Butterfly "Art" Card

Do you ever go thru "phases"? :) Right now I am in a "butterfly phase." I can' t get enough of
butterfly dies, stamps, etc.!!!! I guess you could say I have started a butterfly collection. :) Today's card is a fast and easy one (the best kind, right?). It uses the
Sizzlits Butterfly and Flower #2 Hello Kitty set. The quote in the center is a rub-on by Autumn
Leaves. For a fun look to your dies, add text from an old book (the butterfly centers and center
of the card). All right, who else is going to collect butterflies with me? (Wink, wink.) :)


annb said...

Very Cute Card. I love your idea of adding texting from a book. Very clever!!!

Rochelle said...

A great little card, Bev! I love how you take intersting objects, etc and include them in your art! You are quite an artist! :O)

Ruth Ellen said...

Fabulous color scheme!! Love the tip about using text pages from old books!! That brain of yours is just always thinking!! :)

Natasha said...

Lovely card Beverly :-) Those jewels look gorgeous in the centres of the butterflies. I also have an expanding Butterfly collection in preparation for when we one day visit the Butterfly Sanctary :-) The butterflies fly freely around you so I cant risk taking my kids there just yet as all they will want to to is try and catch the them and those poor butterflies will be scared for life!!!!!

Joanne said...

Another beautiful card Bev. You are so creative! Wonderful job!!