Saturday, July 18, 2015


Hi all!  Vladka here!
Today I have special card for you because I made this window which looks like water. I found instruction on internet, but I used thicker shower gel instead of hair gel and put it into small plastic bag. I sealed it with scotch tape and put it between card base and front cardstock which looks like wood. 
Inside of the card I put with distress inks colored circle and following die cuts: Happy Fish 1 and Under the Sea. It really looks like fishbowl and it was really fun project. 
But After I finished it and I was pushing gel around to get smaller bubbles, bag burst a little bit and my gel started to coming out. I've tried to save the card with scotch tape but it was to late. I had to cut off the front part of the card. So, my advice is to use thicker plastic bag and don't send such card with regular mail. But it can work and it looks fantastic, so I think I will give it another try. I was a little sad for a moment but because project itself was so fun, my sadness got away quickly. 
Have fun and have great weekend!


Carol Hurlock said...

Super cute. Love the design to create the fishbowl.

Cheryl Walker said...

Absolutely darling Vladka!! I love how up you used the gel for water , that is a neat idea, yes I would have been sad too if that would have happened to me.... Sorry Hun!!! But love the entire look of your card, and your creative ideas!!!

Olena said...

Love this idea. Super cute!!!! Great job Vladka.