Monday, July 30, 2012

New Arrival. . it's a boy

 Hello all, this week I have a Baby Card in a sleeve style envelope. I planed out a six panel card that looked like a baby quilt to add a border of Baby Boy items along the base of the card. The Baby Boy items are from the Cottage Cutz Baby Boy Cloths die. I used foam dots to raise every other item to add dimension. The die has a clothespin, so I hung the bunny from the "R" in arrival. The weight of the bunny looks like it is tugging on the word ARRIVAL.  The quilt panels and cloths were all highlighted in a slightly darker shade of ink and Copic markers. Brown and blue flowers were also added with yellow seed beads in the centers.
 I used a single quilting square on the pocket style envelope. . . slightly offset. I used the same inks to edge and sponge the envelope. The double notch was for the bow.
 As you slide the card down into the envelope, the bow now shows on the outside of the envelope because of the round notches. You really only need a notch the width of about twice the knot in the bow, but if I had cut a deep slender knotch  you would had had to really work at sliding the card into the envelope. . . by adding the secound wide half circle notch the card slides in with no effort . . like a funnel. The bow covers the notch perfectly.  I know there is a question about why I used a notch on the back side of the envelope. . . .it is easier also to pull the card out without bending or denting the envelope.  
These are the four Cottage Cutz dies used in this card.
Alphabet - Kara Ashley (the word NEW)
Alphabet - County Fair (the word ARRIVE)
Baby Boy Cloths - for the cute baby items
Flower Vine - for the mini flowers added to the card.

thanks Barry


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Love your card Barry!

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Carol Hurlock said...

Barry this is absolutely darling. Love your layout and design.

Bear Hugs,

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Really lovely card! How do you make the quilt?