Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gift Tags with Matching Box

 Just in time for Christmas I created a gift box of gift tags. . a great gift for someone at the work, next door or that person who has everything . . and who has enough gift tags at Christmas anyway.
 The box 9" long, 2" high and 3" wide. I added a gift tag label and the above gift tag.  Notice the colors in the outer edge area's of the snowflake.
 Really easy to cut three each of the snowflakes from the Cottage Cutz Filigree Snowflake die. I cut one each of three colors of blue. Than took the large pieces that came out of each snowflake and added them randomly back into the other snowflakes. . .like a puzzle. This gave each snowflake a three color shadings without cutting the snowflake more than once.
 Than I randomly glued the snowflakes onto tags. Notice how I overlapped the snowflake. . that way the cut off of the other side of the same snowflake . . could use on the same tag.  I sponged a bit of blue ink around the edges of the white tag.
 For the additional three snowflake tags I used the Cottage Cutz Snowflake Doily die. Again cutting only three and using the tree shape pop out to fill the other snowflakes.
 I also added blue swirl lines with a rubber stamp to randomly fill the white area, than used Stickle on some of the blue ink lines and added a few jewels. The tags were knotted with a white sparkling wired rope cord. All six tags fit into the 3"x9" box to create the gift.
 Here I have shown you how I cut all the tags the same size on the top. Each tag was 2.5" x 6". when I found the angle that I wanted on the corners of one the tag. . I built a Jig, I rolled tape and put a triangle at the top of the cutter and than taped a scrap (green) of paper at the bottom, than all I had to do is lay the retangular tag into the frame (jig). . cut one corner, flip the paper and cut the other side. Every tag had exactly the same angle.
These are the the Cottage Cutz dies that I used for the seven tags.

Cottage Cutz . . Snowflake Doily 4x4 and Filigree Snowflake 4x4

Thank You and hope all of you are having a Merry Season. Barry


Cheryl Walker said...

Super sweet gift tags and perfect for gifts!!!

Lori said...

Beautiful layering of the pretty.