Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Watch for it Wednesday #55

Today's tip is designed to help when you are piecing together some of the smaller more detailed pieces on your Cottage Cutz dies.

One of my favorite things about the Cottage Cutz shapes is the phenomenal details found in these dies. I feel like this attention to design is one of the biggest things that sets the Cottage Cutz dies apart from all other metal dies on the market today.

Now, that being said, sometimes the intricacies of some of the shapes may be intimidating when you first sit down to begin piecing the smaller accent pieces onto your shape. My tip for today is a technique I have started using that saves me time and headaches!

Let's take for instance the adorable new Ladybug Cottage Cutz shape from the Spring Release. This die really pieces together pretty easily and quickly. However, you do have the small block spots to contend with before your die cut is complete. Rather than try to apply adhesive to the backs of some of these smaller pieces, instead place small dots of adhesive where you want your spots to be placed onto the larger shape.

So you simply need to pick up your glue of choice (I like Zip Dry) and then dot several little dots of glue right where you plan to place the spots. Once you are finished applying glue, just pick up your sticky stick (or whatever you like to use to pick up your smaller pieces of paper) and quickly and easily, place the black spots right onto the dots of glue.

Using this method cuts down the time and energy that would otherwise be spent painstakingly applying adhesive to the backs of each tiny little black spot one at a time and then placing the spots down onto the shape.

I hope this little tip has given you some motivation to get out some of your dies that maybe you haven't tried yet and see what you can come up with yourself!!

Have a great day and be sure to come back tomorrow for another fabulous creation from the very talented Karen!!! And then on Friday, I'll post my layout using an adorable little Ladybug I created using today's tip!


DonnaMundinger said...

Great tip, now if I can only remember it while I'm assembling. LOL xxD

Helmka Family said...

This is a great tip! I must remember to try it. I always end up with glue all over my hands.