Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Watch for it Wednesday #52

My Watch for it Wednesday post for today is a fun little tip you can use when working with glitter cardstock.

Do you love using glitter paper as much as I do? It is such a great and easy way to add some wonderful sparkle and bling to your projects. However, have you ever noticed that certain papers seem to "shed" glitter more than others?

Next time you are using some glitter paper, go in your bathroom and grab a can of hair spray.

Position your paper so that you have protected the area around it from over spray. Hold the can about 8 to 10 inches away from the paper and lightly spray over the piece of glitter paper in a sweeping motion being careful not to stop over any one area. You don't want to get too much spray on the paper or it will become too sticky and "gunked up".

After you have finished spraying, give it a few seconds to dry and then it will be ready to adhere to your project.

You may still lose a few specks of glitter if you really rub the paper, but otherwise, you should notice a big difference.

Hope you have fun trying this technique for yourself!

Come back tomorrow for another fabulous project from our very talented Karen!


CreatedbyKay said...

Great tip Ruth Ellen, I would have never thought of that one. Now we need a tip to keep off that one piece of glitter that winds up on your face all day LOL!

DonnaMundinger said...

Great tip! TFS xxD

annb said...

Thanks, great tip! I will have to try it. I wonder if this technique would also work when you add glitter to your cardstock? Hmmmm

Helmka Family said...

Wonderful tip! I will have to try this!