Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Watch for it Wednesday #43

Today's Watch for it Wednesday is a couple of quick and easy tips I have found helpful.
The first is Goo Gone.
Many of you probably have this on your shelf at home to remove the residue from price tags etc. I have found this cleans my scissors wonderfully. As I use my craft scissors to cut adhesive and mounting tape my scissors gum up over time.
Goo Gone takes off the sticky like it was butter.
I cleaned out a little sample bottle I had and put a little Goo Gone in it to keep in my craft room so I didn't have to find a place for a big bottle of it.
The next tip is dryer sheets.
I keep one of these in my craft room as well, these
are wonderful to use on your diecut mat to keep the pieces from clinging.
I simply wipe off the mat every once in awhile when I notice static starting to develop.
If you live in a humid area you may not have this problem, but here in Utah it's pretty dry.
We'll see you back tomorrow for another wonderful layout from Ruth Ellen.


Ruth Ellen said...

Great tip! Thanks, Kay :)

annb said...

Thanks for the tips!!!

Txangel528 said...

Really great tips!!