Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today's tip is faux stitching. I don't know about you but I love the look of stitching on my cards and layouts but I've got to admit I'm not much into sewing these days. Faux stitching looks like you stitched on your project when you really didn't.

You just simply poke small holes and connect the lines with a pen.

As you can see below I poked holes into my cardstock and used a white gel pen for one side and a black pen for the other.

You can use a paper piercer or a push pin to make your holes. Make sure you have something underneath that you can poke into. You can do it free hand or use a ruler, make straight lines or wavy, the sky is the limit to your design and color of stitches.

Here is my finished card. Just like my real sewing I have a few crooked lines because I chose to do it free hand rather than use a ruler.

CottageCutz Country Turkey


annb said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful technique. Your card is so cute!!!

DonnaMundinger said...

Great idea! I love the look of stitching but I'm chicken (or too lazy) to pull out my machine. Adorable card. That turkey is too cute and the imperfect line of the stitching just adds to the illusion it's real. xxD

Carol<>< said...

thank you so much, now I'll even give it a try!
Did not like the idea of getting my heavy machine out either!

Ruth Ellen said...

Great tip!! And what an adorable card to go along with it!! Thanks Kay!!